Static equipment, rotating equipment, electrical / automation equipment.

(1) Static equipment

Repairs and maintenance of various valves

Providing inspection, overhaul, repair and calibration services including supply and manufacture of spare parts for the following range of valves:

  • Pressual safty valve
  • Control valve
  • Manual valve

Preparation for Lapping Ball Valve 30”

To fix the scratch of Cage

Repair and maintenance of Heat exchanger

  • Cleaning in place (CIP) – Chemical cleaning
  • Shell and tube internal cleaning (high pressure water jetting)
  • Tube leaking test and rectification
  • Tube/tube bundle repair and replacement
  • Clean and anti-corrosion inside the Shell.
  • Re-assemble & Carry out pressure testing

Repair and maintenance of tank and vessels

  • Hot bolting
  • Cleaning/ chemical cleaning for the shell, trays, internals / replace internals and other surfaces for visual inspection
  • Inspection by API 510 Inspector
  • Corrosion control/Insulation repair
  • Defect repair
  • Hydro test

(2) Rotating equipment

Providing repair, maintenance and upgrade services for rotating equipment including:

  • Pump: Centrifugal, Screw and Reciprocating pumps
  • Turbines: Gas turbine, Steam turbine
  • Compressors: Centrifugal and Reciprocating compressors
  • Diesel Engines, Boilers and other Rotating equipment
Revamping Steam Turbines package for Phu My Fertilizer

Reciprocating Compressor Overhaul

Throw #2 piston rod run out check after the machine stopped

Throw #2 VVCP cover and piston removed

Changing of Crosshead shims

Laser alignment for Cylinder

(3) Electrical / Automation equipment

  • Repair, maintenance and installation of electric motors with a capacity of up to 300KW.
  • Maintenance of AC / DC electric motors
  • Inspection / Maintenance of electrical systems / battery inspection on FPSO / FSO vessels and for oil and gas customers.
  • Periodic testing of electrical equipment.
  • Thermal imaging test for electrical equipment (CBM service).
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